CISA participated in the MESCTI conference of Angola

CISA participated in the 7th National Conference on Science and Technology in Luanda on the theme of “Science as a factor for resilience for sustainable development”. 


Between 29th and 30th November, CISA contributed with a total of seven presentations made by Brígida dos Santos, Chissengo Tchonhi, Cláudia Fançony, Cruz Sebastião, Elsa Fortes and Miguel Brito on the panel dedicated to the medical and health sciences and at the conference entitled “CISA - an example of excellence in science and success in South-North collaboration”.


Taking place simultaneously was the 2nd edition of the Fair of Ideas, Inventions, Innovations and Technologically Based Entrepreneurship. Both of these events are organised on a bi-annual basis with the objective of presenting and discussing the results of scientific research projects, and disseminating and awarding the innovative products, services and processes with economic and social potential for sustainable development that have been generated in Angola.


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