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Study of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

On 2nd September, the Cardiovascular Risk Factor study began on an adult population sample in Dande. This study, resulting from a partnership between CISA and ISPUP - the University of Porto's Institute of Public Health seeks to build on the knowledge deriving from an earlier study of Arterial Hypertension (AHT) carried out by CISA in 2012 and with core objectives including estimating the AHT incidence rate and its overall prevalence in this region.

A duly equipped team of healthcare and research survey professionals will daily tour neighbourhoods in the Dande Municipality until having carried out the evaluation of around 3,500 individuals. This study has an estimated duration of 22 weeks, including the undertaking of clinical exams in conjunction with the collection of socio-demographic, biological and lifestyle data on participants.

Given that there is no published estimate on the AHT rate prevailing in Africa, and in particular on Angola, this study represents an essential step towards establishing the grounds for future cardiovascular disease prevention strategies.



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