CISA Project distinguished with a Best Practices Award

The CISA project has now been distinguished with Angola's Best Practices Award of Recognition, in the International Partners category.


The public delivery of the awards will take place during the 2nd Sinase International Conference "Management, Quality and Innovation in Public and Private Organisations", on 29 February, in Luanda.


Members of the Angola Best Practices Forum include D. Damião Franklin (Archbishop of Luanda), Carolina Cerqueira (Minister of the Media) and Idalina Valente (Minister of Trade), among others.


The Award Juries are made up of prestigious Angolan personalities with recognised merit within the respective contexts of the different awards coverings fields as diverse as the Prevention of Transmittable Diseases, Education, Innovation, Investment Projects, International Partnerships, Human Resource Management, Quality, Entrepreneurialism, Social Responsibilities, Associative Movements, Microcredit and Social Services.


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