The Ambassador of Portugal to Angola, Pedro Pessoa e Costa visited CISA and learned about the projects under development at the research centre.

The Ambassador was received by the Provincial Governor of Bengo, Mara Quiosa.

The Ambassador also visited the General Hospital of Bengo and the Mabubas Maternal Infant Centre, where the MalAngo clinical test is ongoing, a study by CISA, financed by the Gulbenkian Foundation and by FCT/AgaKhan, with the objective of studying resistance to anti-malarial drugs.

At CISA, the Ambassador also learned more about the “Sickle Cell Anemia and Fetal Hemoglobin genetic modifiers in Angolan Children Cohort, a project with financing from FCT/AgaKhan (Higher School of Health Technology of Lisbon), Covid-19 Biomarkers.

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