Final follow up to the Nutrition, Wash & Malaria project

The fourth and final follow up to the "Community intervention in Nutrition, WASH/malaria and anemia" has now taken place following fieldwork lasting 20 days. 


This project has been ongoing for the last two years and counted on the initial participation of around 950 children of whom 669 were involved in this final phase and subject to evaluation. This study identified a total incidence of around 300 parasites and with some children testing positive for more than one parasite.


Community educational interventions in nutrition, WASH and malaria, integrated into diagnosis and parasite elimination on a six monthly basis, may reduce anemia and malnutrition according to the researchers responsible for this study through improving parental practices and the reduction of risky behaviours that have an impact on the nutritional and infectious profiles of children. Interventions with such characteristics, as yet unstudied within the national context, may guide future healthcare policies seeking to simultaneously control these diseases and encouraging the integrated usage of existing resources.


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