CISA Working Areas Contacts

Moisés Francisco, director

Miguel Brito, research coordinator


Carolina Gasparinho, researcher

Cláudia Fançony Videira, researcher
Rossely Paulo, assistant researcher

Chissengo Tchonhi, medical researcher (part-time)

Goureth Amaral, medical researcher (part-time)

Margareth Arrais, medical researcher (part-time)

Edilson Vicente, researcher assistant

Ânia Soares, nutritionist


Joana Cortêz, infectious diseases physician and researcher

Feliciana Kudissadila, pediatrician (part-time)

Ana Oliveira, nursing technician (part-time)

Miguel Panzo, nursing technician

Lucas Camola, nursing technician


Edite Rosário, researcher responsible for the DSS

João Taborda Lopes, DSS assistant

Diogo Francisco, DSS field assistant


Data center

Eduardo Saraiva, data base manager (part-time)
Victorino Ginguilo, operational data assistant

Questionnaire surveyors (14)

Data input operators (6)



CISA Laboratory
Isabel Clemente, clinical and public health analysis technician (part time)

Fátima da Silva, clinical analysis technician 
Aguinaldo Kanjungo, laboratory technician
Felix Zage, laboratory technician
Graciete Zumbua, laboratory technician


Jumalda Correia, human resources 

Nelson Rodrigues, logistics manager
Guimarães Bernardo, logistics assistant


Back Office support
Gulbenkian Partners for Development Program -


Project Promoters

Ministry of Health of Angola
Minister: Silvia Lutucuta


Provincial Government of Bengo
Governor: João Miranda
Provincial Director of Health: João das Necessidades
Bengo General Hospital Director: Carlos Mayer

Camões - Institute of Cooperation and Language
President: Ana Paula Laborinho

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
President: Isabel Mota
Project Board Director: Guilherme d' Oliveira Martins


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