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The 12th INDEPTH Scientific Conference

The 12th INDEPTH Scientific Conference took place in South Africa between 28th and 31st October featuring this international network of entities running demographic surveillance systems evaluating developing country populations and their respective healthcare statuses.

This conference brought together around 300 scientists from 41 different research centres located across the continents of Africa and Asia as well as their associated partners, support entities and financial backers at American and European research centres and universities.

The program covers a broad range of research fields spanning the health related methodologies and themes: demography, biostatistics, data analysis, data base construction and maintenance; vaccination, neglected and non-transmissible diseases, reproductive health and childcare, ageing and among others.

CISA participated for the third time at this INDEPTH scientific networking event and presenting a poster detailing the preliminary results from a study on the Application of Geographic Information Systems to health research - the case of Schistosomiasis in the Dande DSS, in Angola.

This event enables the mutual sharing of knowledge between researchers with very different backgrounds - demographers, epidemiologists, anthropologists as well as researchers specialising in the public health field - and deploying equally diverse research methodologies, fieldwork procedures in ongoing scientific projects alongside those having already attained fruition and their respective results.


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